Course curriculum

    1. How to Use This Learning System

    1. What We Will Teach You and Why

    2. Become part of the MUTOH Color Management Discussion Community

    1. The 8 Essential Parts of Color Management

    1. Choosing a Monitor

    2. The Importance of a Monitor Profile

    3. Finding & Adding Monitor Profiles

    4. Creating a Custom Monitor Profile with DisplayCal

    5. Checking Your Monitor Profile (Optional)

    6. Adding the Monitor Profile in FlexiSIGN & Print

    7. Adding the Monitor Profile in Adobe Products

    8. The Environment Near Your Monitor

    1. Performing Regular Maintenance a MUST

    2. Using Test Prints To Check Your Printer

    1. Why Media is Important on the Color Management Workflow

    2. Some Media Choices & What You Need to Know

    3. Finding, Downloading and Adding MEDIA ICC Profiles

    4. Creating a Custom Media profile Using FlexiSIGN & Print - Webinar Replay

    5. Creating Media Profile Using The VerteLith Printer Profiler ( Video To be Added at a later time)

    6. Testing Your Media Profile

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